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We offer two special package deals for singers who need a vocal demo CD to either advance their career or maybe just hear what they sound like on a professionally recorded CD. Before you can do anything as a singer in the music business you will need a CD to showcase your voice, and this is where we can help. Our studio has been established since 1979, we've worked with thousands of artists of all abilities, and our experience can help to get the most from your vocal talents.

A day in a recording studio is also a great idea for a present with a difference!

Offer 2
4 hours in the studio and 10 CDs with your name and contact details printed on them - £140
8 hours in the studio and 20 CDs with your name and contact details printed on them - £260

You will need to bring along your own musical backing tracks on CD as we do not supply them, but there are many companies that do : just type "Backing tracks" into your search engine. Some of these sites allow you to hear the first 30 seconds so you can make sure it's the version you want and is in the correct musical key for you. Download it as an MP3, burn it to a CD & you're ready to go!

What should I do before I come in the studio?
Don't worry if you don't have any previous recording studio experience. When you order the backing tracks, make sure that they are recorded in a key that is within your range to sing. If you can comfortably sing along with the original artists' version you should be OK, as that is usually the same key that the backing track will be supplied in. If not, talk to the people who make the backing tracks about raising or lowering the pitch of the music for you.

And then….?
When the CD is sent to you, make sure you keep it in very good condition as it will form the basis of your recording (watch out for fingerprints, scratches etc.) Practise singing with it regularly, until you know the songs inside out - then all you need to think about on the day is giving a great vocal performance!

What happens when I get to the studio?
We will transfer the music from your CD backing track to our multitrack Hard Disc Recorder (which is like a tape recorder but much more versatile) and then we can begin.

We will put you in a soundproof room adjoining the control room, you will hear your backing track coming through your headphones and there will be a microphone in front of you to record your voice. Don't worry if it all seems a bit strange at first - after a few run throughs you'll probably feel quite comfortable with it all.

And then….?
We start recording your voice. Some singers like to give a "performance" vocal where they sing the song all the way through and others like to work on small sections of the song at a time. Once we've established which is most comfortable for you, we start recording. Either way, we'll help you as much as we can to get the best out of your abilities.

And when I've finished singing?
We blend your voice in with the music to make it sound as good as possible ("the mixing") and burn it on to a CD master. This final singing demo is yours to take away and we will also use it to make the subsequent CD copies, so it is very important to keep it in mint condition.

And personalise the CDs?
Yes. We will print your name and contact details on to the CDs. If you would like more than the 10 or 20 copies, or more elaborate artwork packaging (with colour photos on inlays cards, for example) please click here to find out more about the various CD printing options.

Frequently asked questions...

Offer 1

Record a vocal demo in our London Studios