Mackie D8b digital desk with total recall automation, + 1604 VLZ Pro for extra mic channels.

Mackie HDR 24 hard disc recorder. Burn individual audio tracks to CD as AIFF or WAV files, for backup or transfer to other systems.

Soundcraft 24 track 2" - Transfer/backup 2" tapes to CDs via HDR, for archiving, etc

Monitoring via Mackie 824's (actives) and aurotones

Very quiet control room - All machines with noisy fans kept in separate machine room

Separate "chill out" lounge area with kitchen and TV

Daylight lit, with great view of the garden!

Large Bantam patchbay

Mastering to Tripledat & Soundforge for editing and CD / DVD burning

Broadband ADSL - compress mixes to MP3, and send to other locations via the internet, for instant client approval

Nakamichi MR1 cassette deck


Each channel of the D8b desk includes a noise gate, compressor and versatile EQ plus internal plug ins and effects. If more is required we can also patch in the following hardware outboard :

Lexicon PCM 70
Digitech DSP 128
Alesis Quadraverb
Alesis Midiverb 2 (x 2)
Drawmer 1960 stereo valve compressor
Drawmer LX20 stereo compressor
TLA C2021 stereo valve compressor
Ashley SC50 compressor
TLA EQ 2012 stereo valve EQ
2 x DDLs
MXR Harmoniser
DS201 Drawmer noise gates, etc

In addition to this, we run the HDR in sync with Cubase and Reason (locked together in sync by 2 x MOTU 2408's) which offers an almost endless combination of super powerful plug-ins.

Neuman U87 ( x 2)
Neuman KM84/1
AKG 451 (x 2)
Calrec CM652 condenser
Beyer M201 (x 5)
Beyer M67
Shure SM58 (x 4)
AKG D12 ( x 2)
PZM (x 2)
Original GEC 1950's ribbon mic


2 independent stereo foldback systems, powered by 6 channel Presonus headphone amplifiers. 8 sets of Beyer DT100 headphones

Guitarists Heaven!

We've rigged up a patchbay so that any of the following Vintage Valve Amps can quickly and easily be connected to any of the 4 x 12s.

These items date from the 1960's and 70's and sound amazing!

Marshall JMP 50s (with and without master volume)

Hiwatt 100 and 50

Vox AC30 combo and separate amp head (top boost)

Marshall, Hiwatt and Orange 4 x 12 cabs.



We also have a Boogie Nomad 55 (2 x 12) for more modern "crunch" guitar sounds and a Tama drum kit - (bring your own hi-hats, cymbals and stands) along with various percussion bits and pieces.

Yamaha Grand Piano
(White) 5'8" Model G1

Prices :
£35 per hour
£300 per 10 hour day
Price includes free use of all studio equipment and backline!

We've recently had it completely re-strung and overhauled and it plays and records beautifully! Fairly bright sounding, it fits comfortably into a "dense" mix as well as sounding fantastic as a solo instrument.

As well as this piano we also have a Yamaha P150, which is an 88 note weighted touch sensitive electric piano. Equipped with its' own array of built in sounds, we also use it as a Midi master keyboard to power the numerous soft synths and other sounds stored in the computer.

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The Recording Rooms......

and the control room are air conditioned. Our main recording area is split into two rooms with different treatments. The larger room (which contains the Yamaha grand piano) contains a mixture of reflective and absorbent materials to produce a great sounding natural accoustic. If an even more "live" sound is required, we just pull back the heavy duty curtains that run all the way down one wall to reveal a more reflective real wood surface underneath.

This room is attached by a full length sliding glass door to a second room with a much "deader" accoustic, which is perfect for voice-overs and vocal recording. By mixing the various treatments in these two areas and careful mic placement, a wide range of natural sounding accoustics can be achieved. It also means that crucial eye contact can be maintained between all the musicians in both of these areas when recording "live" takes.

As well as these two areas we have a third treated room attached to the control room. The accoustics here are different again (brass sections and percussion sound fantastic in here!) and by using all three rooms at the same time we can accomodate a large group of musicians who all want to play at the same time but still need separation between the instruments in the various rooms.

It's a powerful, flexible and versatile system that works very well.